About Us

Our Mission

Providing affordable online tutors and helping kids excel in school.

Our mission is to help your student improve grades and increase confidence in school.  We work with k-12 students on improving their subject knowledge, helping with homework, and increasing test scores. Our tutors make a difference.

You Help Us Make a Difference

When you enroll with us, not only do you help your child succeed but you also help a child in the Philippines.

The Philippines is an amazing country with many wonderful people. Unfortunately, there are many families in the Philippines which struggle to afford to send their kids to school. One of the core beliefs of the company is to pay it forward; and since all of our tutors are based in the Philippines, we will be donating part of our profits to help kids in the Philippines go to school. We want you to know that by working with us, you are not only helping your child to excel in school, you are also helping a child in the Philippines achieve formal education.

Ready to help your child excel in school while helping another go to school?