Early Childhood Package

A Special Plan for Early Childhood students

  • 1-on-1 Online Tutoring Classes 
  • 25-30 Minutes per Session 
  • Guaranteed Substitute Tutor or Make Up Classes 
  • Late or Absence SMS Notification to the Parents* 

*SMS Notifications will be sent within the next 24 hours of the classes if a student has been a.) 10 minutes or more late for 2 or more consecutive classes; b.) absent without excuse; c.) 10 minutes late for a class and absent/excused the prior class. 

Tutoring Packages

    - Two tutoring session a week (eight per month)
    - 25 Minute Sessions
    -Great for Preschool and Kindergarten students
    - No long term commitment

Frequently Asked Question

Today's technologies allow online tutoring to be as effective (and sometimes more effective) as face-to-face tutoring. We encourage our students to wear a headset during the session to help them focus on the lesson. Our teachers use a digital whiteboard to explain and illustrate during each session. The students see their tutor as well.

We strive to provide affordable, highly qualified tutors. All of our tutors are based in Philippines. During our hiring process we insure that all of our tutors are excellent at communication and have strong subject knowledge. All of our tutors have at least bachlers degree and most are either working or have master degree as well. While some may have a slight accent, it has not been an issue for most of our students. You can reach out to the Learning Coordinator with any concerns. We want to make sure the tutor assigned to your child is a great fit and are happy to change tutors if needed.

We have tutors available for Kindergarten through College. Our tutors focus on reading and writing in elementary school. We can assist students in any school subject in middle and high school. We also do have tutors that can assist with college classes.

You can usually see the greatest impact with two or more tutoring sessions a week. During the initial assessment, our Learning Coordinator will assess your child and recommend the package for you. If your child is doing great in school, our tutors will work on challenging your kids in their school subjects.

Most of the families that work with us see a tremendous value in the improvements their children make when working with our tutors. They tend to stay for many years, however, there is no long-term commitment and you can stop tutoring sessions at any time.

We do encourage parents to be a part of the tutoring session. You are welcome to observe the class at any time. We love when parents are involved. Every month you will get a progress report from the tutor highlighting successes and let you know of any opportunities that we will work towards.

Our program offers one-on-one tutoring. Tutors are most effective when they are working with one student at the time. You can split a Silver or Gold package between your kids.

We do require at least a 24-hour notice for rescheduling your session. You need to reach out to us via the helpdesk to let us know. Sessions have to be made up within the same week or the following week. After that, the session is forfeited. We will try to reschedule a session with your own tutor, however, this isn't always possible and your child might have a session with a substitute tutor.

Ocasionally, our tutors are not able to attend a tutoring session. On those occasions, our learning coordinator will try to have a substitute tutor work with your child. If no substitues are available, your regular tutor will reach out to arrange a make up session. If we are unable to accomodate you for a make up session, a pro-rated credit will be given to you for the missed class. We ask you to notify us right away if a tutor did not log in for their online session.

If 24-hour notice is not received to reschedule a class the student will be considered absent and will not reschedule that class or receive a pro-rated credit. If your child is more than 10 minutes late for the class or is absent, we will let you know via email and text message.

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