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We are proud to support many organizations through charitable auction donations.

What is Camp Homework?

Thank you for checking out our gift certificate. We hope you watch a video above that describes what we do. Here is a quick summary of what gift certificate offers:

– 4 Weeks of tutoring sessions with one of our amazing tutors (2 sessions a week)
– Each Session is up to 55 minutes long
– During gift certificate sessions, we will focus on one subject (Math/English/Physics)
– We work with students in all grades (K-12)
– Our sessions are offered year-round (enrichment sessions are offered during the summer)

A Difference That a Tutor Can Make.

A tutor plays a crucial role in complementing classroom learning, helping students grasp complex concepts, and bridging any gaps in their understanding. With a tutor, students receive personalized attention, enabling them to learn at their own pace and focus on areas where they need additional help. Moreover, tutors can adapt their teaching styles to cater to individual learning preferences, ensuring that students fully comprehend the subject matter.

After Auction

1. Activate your certificate

Please ensure you activate the gift certificate before the expiration date (usually 90 days after the auction). Visit

2. Welcome Call and Assessment

After activation, we will reach out and answer any questions you may have. We will set up an assessment/onboarding session for your child. After that, your child will be paired with a tutor.

3. Get Better Grades in School

Your child will start working with a tutor. You can start seeing improvements in your child’s grades and understanding of the subjects after just a few sessions.


Didn't win the auction?

Did you bid for the certificate but didn't win? Well, we have a deal for you. Get $20 off your first month of tutoring and we will donate $20 to this charity. Just fill out the form below so we can reach out.

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